The Woodlands Trucking Accident Attorneys

The proximity of The Woodlands to Interstate 45 means that many trucks and commercial vehicles pass through Montgomery County. While interstate commerce plays an important role in Texas’ economic health, the danger of a serious trucking accident in the area is very real. Due to the sheer size of the vehicles involved, trucking accidents often cause far more physical damage to those involved, including major spinal, head and back injuries, paralysis and paraplegia and even death. Trucking accidents are also more legally complex than car or motorcycle accidents if they involve interstate commercial vehicles, since they are regulated by federal law. For nearly five decades, The accident attorneys at Kemp Law Firm have fought to hold the parties responsible for a trucking accident accountable for their wrongdoing. We combine the wealth of experience and resources of a big firm with the personalized attention of a family firm to make sure our clients get the compensation to which they are entitled.

Experienced in Auto versus Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents tend to cause more physical and property damages than those involving smaller vehicles, and The Woodlands truck accident lawyers of Kemp Law Firm have the experience and skill to handle these concerns. Someone who is simply an auto accident lawyer will not have the legal knowledge or resources to put forth the most convincing case possible. Our attorneys amass every possible resource to put forth an effective case that will compensate you for your losses. We depose witnesses, work with reconstructionists to give an accurate rendering of the events leading up to the accident, compile medical photos and legal logs and consult with medical and employment experts to make the full extent of your physical injuries and medical losses clear and convincing to a judge and jury. The mission of The Woodlands truck accident attorneys at Kemp Law Firm is to present overwhelming evidence that can result in the wrongdoer offering a sizable settlement, and we are willing to aggressively pursue your compensation in court through litigation if necessary.

It is often hard for a victim of a trucking accident to feel like they can pursue a claim from a position of strength. You do not have to go through this ordeal alone. The difference between an insurance settlement and a jury award can be enormous, and you need an experienced, aggressive trucking accident lawyer in The Woodlands on your side to be properly compensated. Kemp Law Firm gets results for their clients, and our 30 years of Eminent AV rating is proof of our long-standing relationships built on trust and success.

Quality Legal Services You Can Afford

In personal injury cases that result from trucking accidents, Kemp Law Firm works on a contingency basis. It is our belief that people injured by the negligence of others should not be denied elite legal service because of exorbitant hourly fees. Kemp Law Firm receives their payment for a trucking accident case as a percentage of your award. If the case is unsuccessful, we do not get paid. The financial risk is on us, not you. If you are or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, do not hesitate to contact our office at (281) 203-0971 for an appointment. We look forward to helping you move forward.