The Woodlands Insurance Attorneys

Kemp Law Firm understands the frustration that can arise during a policy dispute with your insurance company. You pay your monthly premium with the expectation that your insurance company is always looking out for your best interests. Yet, when you suffer an accident or any other kind of event covered by your policy, your insurer may act out of bad faith by denying, delaying or unfairly reducing your claim. Insurance companies are under greater pressure than ever to keep overhead low and reduce their payouts. If you feel you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company, you need experienced bad faith insurance attorneys in The Woodlands who understand the legal issues of the insurance industry and are willing and able to stand up for your rights against giant insurance companies. For over 50 years, Kemp Law Firm has helped the people of Texas move forward with their lives by providing comprehensive and effective legal service in insurance disputes.

Insurance Companies Have a Duty of Good Faith

Insurance companies have a legal duty to operate under an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.” This covenant exists in every insurance policy contract as a matter of law. If the insurance company violated this covenant, a policyholder can sue for a tort claim as well as a breach of contract.

There are many common examples of how an insurance company can practice bad faith, including:

  • Unreasonably denying a valid claim
  • Delaying a payment from a valid claim
  • Termination of an insurance policy after a claim has been made
  • Refusal to properly investigate a claim made by a policyholder
  • Offering an unreasonably low settlement for a claim
  • Refusal to defend a policyholder who has been sued

The Woodlands bad faith insurance lawyers at Kemp Law Firm have achieved a history of success on behalf of people who have been treated wrongly by their insurance companies. Our experienced attorneys are capable of handling the most complicated insurance disputes while keeping you informed every step of the way. Our attorneys take the mystery out of your insurance policy and ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled as a policyholder.

Experienced Legal Representation for Your Insurance Claim

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