The Woodlands Domestic Violence Attorneys

The Woodlands modification attorneys at Kemp Law Firm are dedicated to helping clients throughout the divorce process and beyond. Our services are often required to handle the many situations that arise between two spouses even after the divorce is finalized. This includes modification and enforcement of court orders or settlements that were entered into during the divorce proceeding, such as child support or child custody arrangements. Our attorneys are creative problem solvers offering unique litigation insight to post-decree modifications and can help you continue with your fresh start on life when circumstances necessitate either modification or enforcement.

Modifying Divorce Decrees Where Appropriate

A common request is to modify child support payments. The state of Texas places the utmost importance on the well-being of its children and will take action on noncustodial parents whose child support payments are in arrears, including wage garnishment. Texas courts will allow a request to modify child support but require a significant change in circumstances. Typically, these requests are made after the loss of a job or an extended period of physical ailment causes a dramatic change in income. If you are struggling with your child support payments because of these issues, you need to reach out to an experienced family lawyer at Kemp Law Firm as soon as possible. While those circumstances may persuade the court to modify child support payments, you need a court order first. The sooner you consult with our skilled attorneys, the more options you have.

Child custody and visitation rights can also be modified if one party can show that their request is in the best interest of the child. Common circumstances that may necessitate a child custody modification include substance abuse, physical abuse, one of the parents moving a significant distance from the other one, or a living arrangement with a significant other that threatens the child’s well-being. These are all very serious issues that can trigger accusations and heated fights between parents that can emotionally scar the children involved. The Kemp Law Firm has over 90 combined years of experience in family law issues and has been AV rated for over 30 years. Our Woodlands child modification lawyers are reliable, knowledge and sensitive to the issues that arise when children are involved in a divorce.

Enforcing Domestic Relations Orders When Necessary

Our attorneys are also ready to aggressively pursue enforcement of decrees made during the divorce process. Enforcement is typically most-often needed in regards to child support payments, but it may be applicable to any part of the court’s order that is not being obeyed. This can include visitation, education obligations, insurance coverage and other post-divorce matters.

Help With Divorce Modification and Enforcement

If you are seeking a request to modify a decree made during the divorce process or to enforce a decree, do not hesitate to contact Kemp Law Firm at (281) 203-0971 for an appointment. The Woodlands modification attorneys at Kemp Law Firm help people throughout Montgomery and Harris county move forward through difficult times.