Reliable Child Custody Lawyers in The Woodlands

Divorce is rarely easy for anyone involved, especially if there are children in the marriage. Even in seemingly collaborative separations, child custody is often the most stressful and emotionally charged aspect of the divorce process. The custody process often turns heated and personal, and without the proper legal guidance, the well-being of the children can be compromised by ugly and endless battles between both sides. An experienced attorney at Kemp Law Firm can help. As a family firm practicing family law, we always keep in mind that the goal of custody arrangements is the health and well-being of the children. Our attorneys keep the process civil so that both parents can be effective co-parents and maintain positive relationships with both each other and the children.

Texas Child Custody Law Explained

Texas law favors having both parents involved in the lives and upbringing of their children. In most cases, both parents are named joint managing conservators of their children. This means that both parents share legal rights and responsibilities for their children, typically including decision-making on education, health care and other matters. Child support must be determined as well. Parents also share physical custody, but even if one parent has physical custody a greater share of the time, a joint managing conservatorship can be in place.

While Texas courts emphasize keeping both parents in their children’s lives, there are times when one parent may be given significantly more rights and responsibilities. This is known as a “sole managing conservatorship.” It is an unusual circumstance, but can occur when one parent proves that the other having managing conservatorship would not be in the best interests of that child. This is often the case when there is a history of domestic abuse.

One parent will typically have physical custody of the children for a majority of the time. The other parent is given what is known as “visitation rights.” There is a preference in Texas courts that parents agree on a visitation schedule, as long as it is beneficial to the well-being of the children. If the parents cannot agree, a standard possession order is invoked which gives the children to one parent at least two weekends per month, plus several hours during the week. Holidays are split evenly as well. The court may choose to deviate from the standard schedule if the parents live more than 100 miles apart or if the child is under the age of three.

Texas Child Custody Lawyers You Can Count On

Even in amicable divorces, the child custody process can take unpredictable turns. Nothing is more important to a mother or father than their children, and The Woodlands child custody attorneys at our firm understand the sensitive nature of these matters. Our long standing relationships with our clients are based on the wealth of experience our family law attorneys can offer, as well as the personalized attention given to every situation. The knowledgeable and reliable attorneys at the Kemp Law Firm can help you through the difficult child custody process. For more information about our services in custody matters, contact us at (281) 203-0971 today.